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Utilitarianism A Perfect Theory - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1061 Downloads: 5 Date added: 2019/08/08 Category Ethics Essay Level High school Tags: Utilitarianism Essay Did you like this example? Given that all sound moral theories are multifaceted outlines for the best methods of action for humanity, we all have our opinions as to which of these theories are valid and which are not. Moreover, given that the innate nature of ethics is subjective, no matter what theory we choose to employ, there will always be an array of negative and positive aspects to them. Simply put, the most accepted definition of utilitarianism is that it is a theory that asserts the best actions are the ones that benefit the majority. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Utilitarianism: A Perfect Theory" essay for you Create order On the other hand, another, less popular definition of this theory is that it is a moral framework that asserts that in the cases in which there are no immediate actions that will benefit the greater good, all actions are banned until the proper remedy can be reached. Either way, while this theory has certainly received its fair share of criticisms, I feel they are mostly undeserved. Of all the theories to choose from, in a perfect world, utilitarianism would serve as the foundation for the vast majority of actions being taken. Furthermore, the latter definition also asserts that even if there are actions that can be taken that may provide some short-term benefits, these actions must be avoided unless the long-term outcomes are in favor of the greater good. Although the notion of a utopia has long since been determined to be widely unrealistic, I am of the belief that utilitarianism is the theory that would bring us closest to it. That said, the following is a closer look at my thoughts on this theory and why it should be the prevailing moral theory of the world. To peacefully exist in a society means to, in many ways, be interdependent. No matter how far we evolve in life or how rich and famous we become, we all need other people in order to survive and thrive. For example, no matter how rich a person may be, if he/she is unable to receive medical care when they need it, they will likely become sick and pass away, much like those who live in poverty. Moreover, even the people of the notoriously barbaric, isolated tribe on North Sentinel Island in Andamans depend upon the government, each other, and trusted vendors in order to remain a healthy and thriving society, despite living in virtual isolation. So, in other words, no man is an island. However, while the prevailing attitude seems to champion those who are self-centered and act in their own best interest, this is not the proper way to build a cohesive society. Indeed, by taking one look around the world, and certainly around the country, ?cohesive is not the word I would ever use to describe American culture. Moreover, as we continue to behave in ways that are hurtful or even deadly to ourselves and others, we continue to spread divisiveness, not only at home but abroad as well. However, I propose the use of utilitarianism could be our ultimate solution. On the other hand, the other definition of utilitarianism asserts that we should avoid acting in cases in which the long-term consequences and implications could be to our collective detriment. For instance, if two nations are at war, it would be wise to enact a ?ceasefire rather than allowing other countries to get involved. On the one hand, no matter which side is winning the battle, there are typically countless lives lost on both sides of the equation. So, while it might be tempting for allied countries to join the battle in order to defend their relationship with a particular country as well as other interests, the ultimate result would just be more turmoil and bloodshed for all parties involved. Therefore, the best action would be to stop acting or to prevent the battle from continuing rather than seeking revenge, although that may be the option that provides the most immediate benefits. Should we still be fighting all these wars, given the number of lives that continue to be lost all over the world? Should we continue our widespread dependence on oil despite the massive consequences to ourselves and the environment? Obviously not. However, we have been fighting wars for many decades (or centuries, depending on how you look at it). Furthermore, we continue to use oil as one of the top commodities, due to allowing the interest of a few control the actions of the masses, despite the ill-effect it continues to have on the environment. These actions have been to our own collective detriment. The ozone layer is depleting, climate change is real and active, and people are dying in wars across the globe every single day. Nevertheless, because of the perceived powerlessness of the masses, we continue to suffer in relative silence. To take is a step further, this is all fueled by capitalism, which is a very self-centered system that allows some to get rich at the cost of the livelihood of others. While naysayers of this theory would assert that utilitarianism can, in certain instances, deny us a sense of justice, I would assert that this all depends on what ones idea of justice entails. For instance, some argue that utilitarianism may favor the use of a sacrificial lamb if this means there will be some sort of benefit for the collective. However, these types of arguments seem to ignore the fact that the best short-term outcome is not the same as the greatest good. That is to say, even if using someone as a scapegoat of sacrificial lamb would be a method of avoiding all-out calamity, this is still not the best course of action for the collective. Although making such a move seems like the best action overall, in the long term, this would leave everyone subject to becoming a scapegoat or sacrificial lamb at some point. This is the opposite of what you would expect out of an ethical, well-functioning society. Overall, in a perfect world, utilitarianism would be the most used theory. In order to ensure that we are looking out for our collective best interest, we need to use theories that make us consider the bigger picture. Utilitarianism is the perfect theory because it forces us to put our personal feelings and opinions aside in order to consider how our actions will ultimately impact humanity as a whole.

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Brain Gives Birth to Reality - 1168 Words

Everything that is real is a lie except your thoughts. If someone approached you with this statement you would assume they are insane and you would try to convince them that you are real and the world is real. As you begin to try to prove reality you begin to question yourself, under what circumstances do we understand reality? As we acknowledge what we believe to be realities, we form conclusions and assurances about our own existence and the existence of everything around us. Because our existence is assured through our perception of reality, we believe to be part of an existing real world. The existence of the real world is based upon belief and cannot be proven. The existence of the real world originates from our brains. Reality is†¦show more content†¦Any exposure to love this woman has, her neuronet is conditioned to connect feelings of hate and sadness. As a result of these feelings she becomes angry, which is then embedded in her identity. Her self-hate ultimately ma nifests in her reality because she perceives all love experiences negatively. One can favor the result of their neuronet interaction to the point they become addicted to their emotions. For example the woman who connects love to hurt can become addicted to her emotions of hatred and sadness because these emotions allow her to form an impenetrable wall so that nobody will be able to hurt her and evokes pity from other people. However the side effect of her addiction is that she gets to a point where she can no longer control her emotion. Once you cannot control your emotion, this starts affecting your environment and your relationships with people. The woman mentioned above is Amanda from â€Å"What the Bleep Do You Know?† Amanda is addicted to her emotions of hatred and sadness and becomes blinded by them to the point it manifests in her reality. At a wedding she mistakes the groom cheating on his bride because she was once a bride cheated on by her husband. Emotions are richness of an experience. Addiction of an emotion hinders an experience and ultim ately affects one’s reality. How can one change their reality then? By changing one’s identity and this is done by rerouting our conditionedShow MoreRelatedEssay on The Role of Nature vs Nurture632 Words   |  3 Pagesthe limbs right down to dimples, is almost entirely charted by genes. Noam Chomskys theory of the language acquisition device argues that we are linguistically pre-wired - the only reason why young children manage to learn languages before their brains have fully grasped the sophisticated logic needed to understand syntax and semantics. In a study of Rhesus monkeys, it has been shown that some monkeys are born more aggressive and playful than others, suggesting that genes may play a part in decidingRead MoreWelfare Legislation On Welfare And Welfare954 Words   |  4 Pages 1 Welfare gives people an incentive to avoid work. Like many citizens have neglected the responsibility to work and put the burden on the taxpayers. She relies on the welfare for temporary assistance. They are relying on welfare and welfare is being used as political growth for the United States moving products services along. Welfare out of wedlock, childbirth and marital breakup are supported by the current evidence. ( She benefitsRead MoreHuman Experience Is The Fundamental Sense Of Sight1343 Words   |  6 PagesImagine someone who has been blind from birth. Now imagine trying to explain the colour green to this person. It’s impossible, because this person’s conceptual understanding of colour is nonexistent, as their brain has not experienced the fundamental sense of sight and therefore cannot even begin to grasp the idea. The basis of all human experience does not only stem from our senses, but is completely constructed by them. Everything that humans experience is accessed through one or more of the fiveRead MoreThe Effects Of Pornography On Men And Women1246 Words   |  5 Pagesthe male brain. Men watch more porn than woman so I first hypothesized that this difference in viewing weakens the hypothalamus and in turn leads to desensitization with the act of natural sex. I then found scholarly sources to support my overall claims. This speech will cover the following points: 1.) How Pornography desensitizes the male brain. 2.) How pornography causes its viewers to replicate porn-style relationships in own life, leading to lack of intimacy. (Detachment from reality) 3.) TheRead MoreSchizophrenia Essay1079 Words   |  5 Pageswhat makes up delusions of persecution. Lastly, the belief that everyone is talking about you and everything pertains to you is what delusions of reference are characterized by. In addition, the patient often suffers from minimal to no contact with reality. Schizophrenia is often incurable and very difficult to handle without professional care and throughout many years America has changed the way we handle the treatments of mentally ill patients. Through exorcisms, harsh experiments and even to theRead MoreEssay about Sense of Self: Schizophrenia and I1224 Words   |  5 Pagesthat is different and much less common. Bleuler did not want to label schizophrenia as the disorder where a person is split into two personalities; instead he wanted to explain that in schizophrenia, there is a splitting away of the personality from reality. Schizophrenia is a disorder that affects about 1 in 100 people at different stages in their lives and is very difficult to diagnose. It has many symptoms that typically begin to appear around age 18-30 (2). Signs of Schizophrenia can be misreadRead MoreAbortion Essay755 Words   |  4 Pagespaid and there is only food on the table for the two of you now, how is it going to be when there is a baby who is always hungry. Even if the partners both work, for at least three months their income is going to be cut in half so the mother can give birth an be with the child, and not all people can survive with that kind of financial burden. Lastly, if one side of the relationship does not want the responsibilities that a child brings, then consider raising a child alone. The chances are thatRead MoreThe And Dark Chocolate Are Good For Humans1019 Words   |  5 Pagespercent of younger kids have tried a diet at some point.† (livestrong). Everyone wants quick, easy weight loss, and believe the people who promote them simply because they are written by a â€Å"nutritionist†, but fail to look at the actual science and reality of the actual cause of obesity in America. Not everything written in these nutritionists’ book about losing 10 pounds in one week is realistic or true. In Kaffir Boy, Mark refers to white men as the boogeyman, and making them out to be the scariestRead MoreThere Is No Question That Gay Marriage Has Become A Huge1631 Words   |  7 Pagesof this topic often debated on is that some people are naturally born with the attraction to their same gender, and that an attraction for opposite genders isn’t possible for them. The author, Ron Citlau from the book Compassion without Compromise gives a firsthand account of how he changed his ‘sexual orientation’ or desire. Citlau states â€Å"I had plenty of sexual experiences, plenty of unions (same sex unions) but none of it ever came close to the union that my wife and I have. Her otherness helpsRead MoreEssay about Abortion - Views from Both Sides717 Words   |  3 PagesAbortion - Views from Both Sides Abortion is the ending of pregnancy before birth and is morally wrong. An abortion results in the death of an embryo or a fetus. Abortion destroys the lives of helpless, innocent children and is illegal in many countries. By aborting these unborn infants, humans are hurting themselves; they are not allowing themselves to meet these new identities and unique personalities. Abortion is very simply wrong. Everyone is raised knowing the difference between right and

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Comparision of Charecters in the Poisonwood Bible and the Mosquito Coast Free Essays

Comparison of characters from ‘The Poisonwood Bible’ and ‘The Mosquito Coast ‘The Mosquito Coast’, directed by Peter Weir, is a movie quite similar in many aspects to the book ‘The Poisonwood Bible’, written by Barbara Kingsolver, one of those aspects being the similarities between the setting and the characters. In both books, the figure-head of the family, Allie Fox (in ‘The Mosquito Coast’) and Nathan Price (from ‘The Poisonwood Bible’) both have similar characteristics, however, different approaches to their ideas. For example, Nathan believes in forcing on his views and ways onto the Congolese people, however, Allie believes in cooperation with them to succeed in his goals. We will write a custom essay sample on Comparision of Charecters in the Poisonwood Bible and the Mosquito Coast or any similar topic only for you Order Now Both also seem incredibly lifelike as they seem like determined men who are willing to get to their goals at the beginning, however, they seem somewhat more lifelike when they loose something that is close, and become obsessed with their goals, forgetting the welfare of their own families. Both stories are about two families who leave America, their home country, to go to a foreign land. The two ‘heads’, however, leave for very different reasons, but they do somewhat leave their families with no choice but to go with them. In ‘The Mosquito Coast’, Allie takes his family to the Central American rain forests as a means to ‘escape’ America and it’s fate with the Atomic Bombs. Allie also believes that his scientific research is not of any value in America, and believes that his inventions would be more valued if they where taken into areas that have barely been touched by civilization. Nathan, however, leaves his family with no choice when he says that they are moving to the Congo as part of his missionary work. He was actually offered this job, and took it in good stride, believing that he should take his message to places which are less civilized. Nathan Price is a Baptist Minister who lives his life by the Bible. He believes that he is a coward for having escaped the fate of being killed in the Battaan Death March, where his whole team died, but he survive due to prior injuries. After that incident, Nathan became quite obsessed with the idea of God hating him for his cowardice. He vowed never to be a coward again and devoted his life to saving as many souls as he could. Nathan becomes so obsessed with his work that he believed that every obstacle in his way was a ‘test by God’ to see his resilience. Allie, on the other hand, is an inventor, so claimed by his son, Charlie. He seems to be obsessed, yet thinks quite morally. Allie believes that America is dying, so he decides to leave as he thinks it is too ‘painful’ for him to watch something he loves die. He gave the example of his mother, who was in hospital when she said ‘†Why don’t you just give me rat poison? ‘†, whereupon Allie said that he left, as he could not bear watch loosing someone close. Both Nathan and Allie share the same obsession of getting to their goals. So much so, in fact, that they forget about their families welfare and safety almost completely. Even when There is a sudden turn of events, they seem undeterred by what they call their ‘destiny’. Nathan was unmoved by the death of Ruth-May as he sees the rain as an opportunity to baptize the locals, instead of mourn for his daughters loss. Nathan blames the fact that Ruth-May was not actually baptized, hence making her death somewhat ‘acceptable’ to him. Allie believes the destruction of his machine was somewhat supported by Reverend Spellgood. Allie seems to be a very non-religious person, however, he does know the quotes of the Bible. This shows that Allie explores a few possibilities, yet he only decides to expand on those that he likes. In that manner, Nathan is somewhat unwise in his approach to helping the people. He decides, as soon as he arrives at his house in Kilanga, to set up an ‘American Garden’, whereby he will make food for his family as well as show the the people of Kilanga his prosperity just because he does not worship false idols. Nathan attempts to almost force his ways and ideas onto the Congolese people. He seems unbent on his determination to show no cowardice, yet he does not seem willing to accept other ideas. At a point, he does see that Mama Tataba’s technique to plant his beans seem to be more appropriate, and does actually implant those ideas. As time passes by, and he sees not much crowd in the Church, he slightly looses his mind and then decides that all his obstacles where placed by God to deter him and to test him. This is very contrary to what Allie does at the beginning of the movie. Although he may have moved from the USA and dragged his family along, he decides to take a different approach into making his way into the locals hearts. Where Nathan attempted to force his ways onto the locals and believed that he was superior, Allie decided to work with them. He said before the project began ‘†If I don’t work hard enough, you tell me. I am not your boss, I am your friend, and I want to work for you†¦ ‘†. He may have planned out the project, but he certainly did work as though he were under instructions to do what he was told. He seemed very cooperative, and whenever Mother Fox got any materials to share, she enhanced her husbands popularity by sharing those goods, for example the cloth she was given by the missionaries. She made clothes for her daughters and noticed that Mr. Haddy, a local, was eying the cloth, she decided to make one for him. In the next scene, it shows that everyone on that small island was wearing the same yellow piece of cloth in some shape of form. Had Nathan been in this situation, he would probably have told his wife of for giving away their resources to the ‘unsaved’ souls, yet he might also see it as a tactical move to make them go to Church. Allie took this in stride and made the most out of the people’s gratitude towards their family by still making them work hard. Nathan and Allie both seem very lifelike characters in their own environments and also in the real world, they could be anywhere amongst us. Their obsessive and arrogant attitudes can be seen in quite a few people who seem quite determined to get what they want. Nathan seems very lifelike and rationale at the beginning, where the image of a determined Baptist Minister is portrayed. As the story progresses, that image becomes a haze and a more arrogant and devoted trait comes to light, towards the end, he seems possessed by his work, whereupon he forgets the welfare of his own family, remaining undeterred by the death of one of his own children. This, towards the end, seems slightly unrealistic and immoral. However, the presence of this possibility is definitely strong. Allie seems like a genuinely outgoing and friendly person at the beginning, and this is completely believable. Many people use the same cover of saying that they are all equal in order to get work done. His depression also seems very lifelike as he seems to be completely shattered when he sees his beloved Ice Machine blow up. Yet, towards the end, he does seem also obsessed with the idea of exploring new possibilities. He does go paranoid, thinking that his family is against him, so he forces them to sit on their home-turned-boat and decides to go upriver. When the rotor breaks away from the main engine, Allie goes underwater to get it. Due to his extended period underwater, his family worries and Charlie gets the idea of heading back downriver to get help from Mr. Haddy, and quite possibly also return to America. As soon as this idea is shared, Allie comes up and realizes that his own kids are conspiring against him, and punishes them for it. This seems extreme, yet absolutely possible for a man who seems to be addicted to his goal. Not only do Nathan and Allie share similarities, but also their wives. Both Orleanna and Mother always seem to be following their husbands orders, yet at a point, they both realize that what they are doing is wrong. Towards the beginning, both wives are happy to see their husbands working outside, Nathan in the garden and Allie in the jungle clearing space for his house. Orleanna seems to realize quicker on in the story that Nathan could potentially get them hurt, and decides to speak up. This, comparing to Mother’s timing, seemed quite early. This could very likely due to the fact that Nathan seems uninterested in his family and Allie cares a lot about them. Mother only decides to go against Allie when they reach the Ocean and the whole family is rejoicing with the thoughts of returning to America, when Allie destroys their enthusiasm by saying that America isn’t there and that they weren’t going back. This made Mother question Nathans morality, whereupon the lack of enthusiasm spreads across the whole family. Allie goes from being a friend to a leader almost spontaneously. Orleanna starts to make plans of escape immediately after she gets better from hearing the news of the Congo going into an election period and that her family was staying through it, due to her husbands arrogance. She does eventually leave him, however, Nathan changes slightly in a way one may perceive apologetic. Allie, after burning Reverend Spellgood’s church bell, goes back to see his family leaving him, and says that they couldn’t live without them. When he gets shot, their family escapes with his injured body on the boat. All the characters in both the book and the movie seem incredibly lifelike as the stereotypical family is put into extreme conditions. This causes the stereotypical families, which generally include of the male being the leader f the house, the bread earner, and the females being the followers, commanding her children to follow her father and herself. This changes very quickly when the two families go through some trouble in their respective environments, causing the males to get angrier and the females to look out for the welfare of her children more than anything. Both men forget about the opinion of their families (Nathan, ofcourse, not caring about the ir opinion anyways), and seem set on doing everything possible, except return to the life of luxury. How to cite Comparision of Charecters in the Poisonwood Bible and the Mosquito Coast, Papers

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Strategic Analysis Dell Inc

Question: Discuss about the Strategic Analysis Dell Inc. Answer: Introduction Dell Inc. is an American multinational, founded in the year 1984. The company is into computer and related products. Dell is also moving into new areas such as cybersecurity and data center design and management, and letting those new units operate more autonomously. The company has a revenue of $54 billion and it has close to100000 employees. Dell Inc. is in the elaboration stage of organizational lifecycle. In this stage part of the organization many split or be reformed such as Dell is doing (Bull Jobstvogt, 2016). Since this is so, this explains the process Dell is going through by seeing there are problems and producing formal solutions and controls to safeguard the organizations. Dell has its subsidiaries in various markets. The objective of this paper is to discuss the strategic analysis framework for one of the subsidiary of Dell Inc. The paper would discuss various internal and external factors that affects Dell Inc. in Indian market. It would include the factors like PEST, SWOT, etc. Based on the strategic analysis, the paper also discusses some of the recommendations for Dell Inc. in Indian market. Strategic Analysis Framework The decision to return Dell back to the companys entrepreneurial roots by affording divisions a level of autonomy similar to start-up companies could be seen as a wise move based on strategic decision making by founder Michael Dell. The PEST analysis for Dells subsidiary in Indian market can be discussed as: PEST analysis The factors under the PEST analysis can be discussed as: Political Legal: The political and legal factors are positive for Dell Inc. as governments want that the companies in computer and IT sector to grow as it would mean more job opportunities in the region (Cricelli Greco, 2013). India is a developing country and current government is pro development. The Indian government has opened its arms for foreign players. Economic: The economic factors are positive and it is expected that the economy of developed and developing nations would continue to grow at decent growth rate. It is expected that Indian economy would continue to grow at a CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) of 6% (Kiron Kruschwitz, 2013). Social: Today, laptops have emerged as a necessity for different people. Therefore, the social factors can be termed as positive. In India, the laptop has become a necessity product for high class people, students and upper middle class. It is expected that the penetration of laptop would further increase in the Indian market. Technological: There has been several advancements in IT industry. The technology factors are positive for players in this industry. However, the only factor of concern is the low product life. India has seen various technological advancements and it is expected that the technological factors would remain positive for Dell in India market. SWOT analysis The SWOT analysis for Dell Inc. India subsidiary can be discussed as: 2.2.1 STRENGTHS The ability to provide customized laptops with minimum lead time. The effective and efficient supply chain that helps Dell to optimize its cost of operation be it in any part of the world The strong legacy of Dell and its brand name in the market The cost leadership advantage that Dell has in various markets 2.2.2 WEAKNESSES It seems to me that Dell, Inc. is an organization in the midst of what Daft (2015) described as the elaboration stage. One of major weaknesses of Dell is its internal bureaucracy. Another weakness of the company is limited visibility of mid-level management in the organizations. 2.2.4 THREATS The biggest threat for Dell is the threat from competition like HP and Sony. HP and Sony are big name in Indian market and captures a good amount of market. There also exists threat from the external factors like legal factors in different regions, the government regulations, fluctuating market conditions, etc. There also exists some threat from the suppliers as they can increase the cost of raw material (Cricelli Greco, 2013) Another threat is the low switching cost of customers. Indian consumers are price sensitive and they have less brand loyalty 2.2.3 OPPORTUNITIES Huge opportunity of standard products in emerging markets: When Dell first come out it only offered products that were custom built and had to be ordered direct from Dell. Although this strategy worked well at the onset, consumers often do not want to wait and are happy with the off-the-self model that could be found in their local area at retailers even it is a limited selection as it competitors have. Porter five forces analysis The five forces analysis for computer and electronics industry can be discussed as: Bargaining power of suppliers: The bargaining power of suppliers is average. The companies like Dell has the options to choose from number of suppliers. At the same time, there also exists some threat from the suppliers as they can increase the cost of raw material. Dell does not have its suppliers base in India. However, it has to source materials form its international supplier base. Bargaining power of buyers: The bargaining power of buyer is high as customer switching cost is very low. Indian consumers are price sensitive and they have less brand loyalty. They would easily switch to HP or Sony or any other brand, Threat of new entrants: The threat of new entrants is average. The entry barriers are limited. However, it is difficult to achieve the scale of large companies like Dell and HP (Colombo, 2016). Threat of substitutes: The threat of substitute is high in this industry. In recent times, the tablets and mobile phones have emerged as biggest substitute to laptops. The mobile penetration is very high in Indian market. There are few segments Indian consumers who would often want to have mobile phone or tablet with an Internet connection rather than a laptop. Industry rivalry: The industry rivalry is high in the industry. The competition is really in this industry. HP and Sony are big name in Indian market and captures a good amount of market. Four corner analysis Porter's four corners model is a predictive tool designed by Michael Porter that helps in determining a competitor's course of action. The four corner of Porters four models can be discussed as: 2.4.1 Motivation Drivers This helps in determining competitor's action by understanding their goals and current position. A gap between these two would mean that competitor is likely to reach to the external threats. A narrow gap could mean that competitor would have a defensive strategy (David David, 2014). In Indian context, the gap is high as HP is one of the largest player in Indian market. 2.4.2 Motivation Management Assumptions This corner focuses on perception of competitor about its strengths and weaknesses, culture, belief and goals, etc. (Landoni Dell'Era, 2016). Dell India is a known player in Indian laptop market; however, it cannot ignore the competition as competition is high. 2.4.3 Actions Strategy It means the strategy with which the competitor is operating in the market. It could be cost leadership strategy, product differentiation or any other strategy. The players like Apple and Sony focuses on product differentiation in Indian market. The players like HP, Lenovo focuses on cost leadership in Indian market. 2.4.4 Actions capabilities It means the ability of competitor to respond to external threats and external forces. The competitors like HP, IBM, Apple are big names that can address external threats very swiftly. These companies have deep pockets and high risk appetite to keep continue in the Indian market (Gormley, 2010). Value chain analysis The value chain for Dell Inc. can be shown as: Dell being in the elaboration stage; which is a do or die stage for most organizations. As they are pressured to adjust to the industry overall as a whole the organizations have taken a major hit on the side of profitability. In this stage of elaboration this is critical because of the moral of the company. Management may be challenged to adjust to a more organic style of management, which would be great however, it may be too late for Dell, Inc. However, they could try the collectivity stage where its the responsibility of leaders and marketing managers to take all the people together (Purkayastha, 2016). It is important to mention that revisiting the vision and the mission may require if Dell changes its product lines. The marketing activities at Dell can also change based on the vision and mission and this can only be successful if top level management are open to the input from its lower level employees. Recommendations The key recommendations for Dell Inc. can be discussed as: Dell should certainly increase its focus in the emerging markets. Trying a new market such as corporate mighty be a good experience however, with HP as a competitor its going to be difficult to keep up (David David, 2014). Dell India is doing good and it is recommended that Dell Inc. should increase its focus on its Indian subsidiary. It is recommended that Dell India must continue its path of cost leadership. The customers in the Indian market are cautious about the pricing of the product. Therefore, a good strategy for Dell India in Indian market would be to use the cost leadership strategy. Dell must invest on its research and development. In this industry, the product lifecycle is low and every year there are new and upgraded products in the market. It is critical to keep an eye on the emerging markets and then develop the firm level strategy (Abraham, 2013). Conclusion The above paper discusses the strategic analysis for Dell India. The Dell Inc. scenario is a good example of a company that had great performance when the personal computer was introduced. However, it appears that the company was having internal struggles with the demands regarding the growth of the computer industry. The paper highlights that firms must have a control over its internal factors and a close watch over the external factors. Dell, Inc. by seeing this lack of alignment between its structure and process, decided to be flexible by changing its structure. That might be the best chance Dell has to get ahead of its larger tech rivals like HP. It is important that Dell must continue its strategy and focus to keep moving forward in the tough market condition. References Abraham, S. (2013). Will business model innovation replace strategic analysis?.Strategy Leadership,41(2), 31-38. Bull, J. W., Jobstvogt, N., Bhnke-Henrichs, A., Mascarenhas, A., Sitas, N., Baulcomb, C., ... Carter-Silk, E. (2016). Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats: A SWOT analysis of the ecosystem services framework.Ecosystem services,17, 99-111. Colombo, G., DellEra, C., Frattini, F., Landoni, P. (2016). Understanding virtual knowledge brokers and their differences with traditional ones.International Journal of Innovation Management,20(01), 1650015. David, M. E., David, F. R., David, F. R. (2014). Mission statement theory and practice: A content analysis and new direction.International Journal of Business, Marketing Decision Science,7(1), 95-110. Greco, M., Cricelli, L., Grimaldi, M. (2013). A strategic management framework of tangible and intangible assets.European Management Journal,31(1), 55-66. Gormley, T. A. (2010). The impact of foreign bank entry in emerging markets: Evidence from India.Journal of Financial Intermediation,19(1), 26-51. Kiron, D., Kruschwitz, N., Haanaes, K., Reeves, M., Goh, E. (2013). The innovation bottom line.MIT Sloan Management Review,54(3), 1. Landoni, P., Dell'Era, C., Ferraloro, G., Peradotto, M., Karlsson, H., Verganti, R. (2016). Design Contribution to the Competitive Performance of SMEs: The Role of Design Innovation Capabilities.Creativity and Innovation Management,25(4), 484-499. Purkayastha, A., Sharma, S. (2016). Gaining competitive advantage through the right business model: analysis based on case studies.Journal of Strategy and Management,9(2), 138-155.

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How The Nursery Rhyme Eins, Zwei, Polizei Can Help You Learn German

How The Nursery Rhyme Eins, Zwei, Polizei Can Help You Learn German Learning German can a lot of fun if you use a simple rhyme. While Eins, Zwei, Polizei is a nursery rhyme for children, people of any age can use it as a game to expand their German vocabulary. This short rhyme is a traditional childrens song that can be sung or chanted to a beat. It includes very basic German words, teaches you how to count to ten or fifteen (or higher, if you like), and each phrase ends with a different word.   There are many versions of this popular and simple song and two of those are included below. However, dont stop with those. As you will see, you can make up your own verses and use this as a game to practice whatever vocabulary words you are learning at the moment. Eins, zwei, Polizei (One, Two, Police) This is the most traditional version of the popular German childrens song and  nursery rhyme. It is very easy to memorize and will help you remember numbers one through ten along with a few basic words. Both children and adults will find it to be a fun way to finish off your night with a little German practice.   This version of Eins, zwei, Polzei has been recorded by at least two German groups: Mo-Do (1994) and S.W.A.T. (2004). While the lyrics for the song by both groups are appropriate for children, the rest of the albums may not be. Parents should review the translations for themselves before playing the other songs for kids. Melodie: Mo-DoText: Traditional   Deutsch English Translation Eins, zwei, Polizeidrei, vier, Offizierfnf, sechs, alte Hexsieben, acht, gute Nacht!neun, zehn, auf Wiedersehen! One, two, policethree, four, officerfive, six, old witchseven, eight, good night!nine, ten, good-bye! Alt. verse:neun, zehn, schlafen gehn. Alt. verse:nine, ten, off to bed. Eins, zwei, Papagei (One, Two, Parrot) Another variation that follows the same tune and rhythm, Eins, zwei, Papagei demonstrates how you can change the last word of each line to fit the German words and phrases you are learning at the moment. As you can see, it doesnt have to make sense, either. In fact, the less sense it makes, the funnier it is. Deutsch English Translation Eins, zwei, Papageidrei, vier, Grenadierfnf, sechs, alte Hexsieben, acht, Kaffee gemachtneun, zehn, weiter gehnelf, zwlf, junge Wlfdreizehn, vierzehn, Haselnussfnfzehn, sechzehn, du bist duss. One, two, Parrotthree, four, Grenadier*five, six, old witchseven, eight, made coffeenine, ten, go furthereleven, twelve, young wolfthirteen, fourteen, Hazelnutfifteen, sixteen, youre dumb. * A  Grenadier  is similar to a private or infantryman in the military. It is understandable if you do not want to teach your children this last version (or at least the last line), which includes the words du bist duss because it translates to youre dumb. Its not very nice and many parents choose to avoid such words, particularly in nursery rhymes with younger children. Instead of avoiding this otherwise fun rhyme, consider replacing the last part of that line with one of these more positive phrases: Youre great - du bist tollYoure funny - du bist lustigYoure pretty - du bist hà ¼bschYoure handsome - du bist attraktivYoure smart - du bist shlauYoure special - du bist etwas  Besonderes How Eins, zwei... Can Expand Your Vocabulary Hopefully, these two examples of the rhyme will inspire you to use it throughout your studies of German. Repetition and rhythm are two useful techniques that will help you remember basic words and this is one of the easiest songs to do that with. Make a game out of this song, either on your own, with your study partner, or with your children. It is a fun and interactive way to learn. Alternate saying each line between two or more people.Complete each phrase with a new (and random) word from your most recent vocabulary list. It can be anything from food and plants to people and objects, whatever you think of. See if the other players know what that word means in English.Practice two- or three-word phrases on the last line.Count as high as you can and keep finishing off each line with a new word. See who can count the highest in German or who can say more  new words than everyone else.Try to create a theme throughout the song. Maybe your family is learning the German words for various fruits (Frà ¼chte). One line might finish with apple (Apfel), the next might end with pineapple (Ananas), then you might say strawberry (Erdbeere), and so on. This is one rhyme that has endless possibilities and it can really help you  learn the German language. Its hours (or minutes) of fun and can be played anywhere.

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Law Enforcement U1IP Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Law Enforcement U1IP - Research Paper Example Why is the Command of Temper Important to the Demeanor of the Typical Police Officer? With regards to the principle i.e. â€Å"No quality is more indispensable to a policeman than a perfect command of temper; a quiet, determined manner has more effect than violent action†, it has often been viewed that police department, in the early 19th century, accepted violence as a norm for punishing wrong–doers, resulting in categorizing the department as large bureaucratic structure along the military lines. The increasing trend of treating the offenders violently resulted in criticizing the department concerning their theories and policies on ethical grounds. Scenario, since then, has apparently changed in the 21st century, where ethical conscience and responsibilities in every sphere of the society is considered as incomparable. Thus, it can be stated that the command of temper is very important in respect to the demeanor of a typical police officer, which restricts the policem an to conduct any aggressive behavior that might result in breach of his ethical commitments (Olsen, 2011). Again, the principle of â€Å"the securing and training of proper persons is at the root of efficiency†, it can be affirmed that rights availed to a policeman, holds significant influence on the law enforcement efficiencies of a society. Apparently, if the rights are availed to wrong person, who is observed as incompetent to understand and likewise, responds to their responsibilities, it might impose grave consequences on the societal health. Therefore, it was considered as quite vital that the selection and training of policemen made in accordance to a set standard to proper personnel who will be suitable for the department (Olsen, 2011). Do you feel that enough has been done in Law Enforcement to Develop the Proper Demeanor of Law Enforcement Officers? As per my understanding, in order to implement the principle of maintaining a perfect command of temper amidst the po licemen, enough law enforcements have been done. For instance, the ‘Law Enforcement Code of Ethics’ has been finalized and is implemented to generate adequate awareness and oblige policemen to maintain ethical conduct remaining calm and focused by controlling their temper. However, the change in the ethical and the cultural ways of living amidst the current periled may highlight the need of changes in some policies (Lawriter LLC, 2008). Again, the law provisions enacted under the ‘4973.17 Commissions for special police officers - term of office – training’, states the different criteria which are necessary requirements for becoming a police officer. However, there are certain factors that can improve the Demeanor of a police officer if implemented during their training session (Lawriter LLC, 2008). If you were the Chief of Police of a Local Law Enforcement Organization with the Opportunity to Establish Guidelines on Developing the Demeanour of Law En forcement Officers, What Methods Would you utilize? In relation to the stated principle of â€Å"no quality is more indispensable to a policeman than a perfect command of temper; a quiet, determined manner has more effect than violent action†, it can be viewed that the main reason behind implementing the Code of Ethics in the police department is to generate moral awareness within the policemen

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U.S. foreign policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6000 words

U.S. foreign policy - Essay Example The United States foreign policies have always been considered controversial – whether they are viewed as an American or as a foreigner. These policies have primarily been based on American and democratic interests being pursued beyond American shores.This expansion was also meant to empower its competition with the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union, countries which were, at that time, considered to be more influential and more financially stable nations than the US.These policies were first laid out in the post World War II period as the country was starting to expand and flex its powers beyond its shores. The Second World War actually served as an equalizer for the US because much of Europe was in ruins as a result of years of fighting Germany. The US was able to gain strength and power politically and economically after WWII and it was also starting to voice its opinions and positions on the different international issues impacting on the global community. To some extent, in the 1950s and 1960s, the US was able to gain much progress in this regard. However, its actions in Korea, Vietnam, and in the Middle East were soon viewed with much cynicism and contempt by the countries affected and by other international watchers and international groups. In short, its actions were viewed as imperialistic and enterprising. For which reason protests and expressions of contempt and dislike for American policies were seen in different countries around the globe. However, it was also viewed with favor by other countries for its commitment to democracy and to freedom. Nevertheless, a closer scrutiny of the US policies in relation to different countries and regions of the world have prompted the surfacing of issues which have impacted much on the economy and the politics of these countries. In the Middle East for example, US interests in its oil products are considered a major consideration for American presence in the region. In turn, their presence has created muc h conflict among the people who see the US as nothing more than an enterprising nation. They object to the presence of American troops in the region, ostensibly sent to maintain peace and order, but to the locals, form part of America’s engine and plan for control over trade and political mandates and activities. In Asia, its presence in the region has been met with mixed reactions. Some countries consider it a â€Å"savior† a â€Å"hero† who has rescued them from Japanese rule. However, in some isolated groups in these very same countries, they are also considered to be opportunists who are seeking to use their natural resources for their economic ends. They are seen as a country which seeks to lessen tariff rates for their personal benefit and for the detriment of these Asian economies. In effect, the US policies are not welcomed with open arms, nor are they completely shunned – for even with these negative mutterings, these countries still know that th e US is the most powerful country in the world. With these scenarios, it is easy to see that the US foreign policies are filled with various angles for discussion which make for enriching knowledge in the field of economy and politics. These policies express the dominance of America in almost all international endeavors, including such endeavors in ensuring worldwide peace and freedom for all. Even as other nations do not share in its goals, the US seems to persist in its goals through its troop presence in the Middle East and in other countries which manifest with civil and political unrest. This paper shall now seek to discuss the US foreign policies in relation to the major events in the past years including the September 11 attacks, the Gulf Wars, and its War against Terror. These are subject matters which have borne much impact to the current status of US politics. This study is being conducted in order to establish a more academic understanding of the issues in relation to the US foreign policies. The Attacks of 9/11 Background The September 11 at

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Discuss Unreliability In Shutter Island

Discuss Unreliability In Shutter Island Films more often than enough can demonstrate signs of unreliability and the majority of the time it is the narrator who is the cause of the films dubiousness. The dictionary definition of an unreliable narrator asserts that they demonstrate qualities and tendencies that denote an absence of reliability or perception of the narrative. Whether due to age, mental disability or personal involvement, an unreliable narrator provides the reader with either incomplete or inaccurate information as a result of these conditions.  [1]  As Wayne Booth once stated: I have called a narrator reliable when he speaks for or acts in accordance with the norms of the work, (which is to say, the implied authors norms) unreliable when he does not  [2]  . We are consumers of narratives which has given us the ability to identify unreliable stories. However as theoreticians, we are less well able to say what constitutes unreliability and how it is detected.  [3]  Shutter Island is a film adapted, from a novel, by Martin Scorsese; the film is within the film noir genre, with an unreliable narrator that, as result, plays with your mind and makes the film appear to be very ambiguous. Shutter Island is clearly shown through the perspective of a fallacious narrator. A narrators job is to reveal what is real in the narrative and, comparable to tellers in reality, the narrator may have it incorrect or would rather disclose what they deem to be true. On this model we perceive narrative unreliability when we perceive a disparity between the intentions of the implied author concerning what is true in the story and the intentions of the narrator concerning what she would have the reader believe.  [4]  Shutter Islands narrative follows this idea as throughout the film, the central characters perspective gradually becomes more and more inconsistent. The narrator successfully distorts the lines between fantasy and reality which as a result makes the audience struggle to distinguish between the two. It is not until half way through the film where we are initially required to consider the option that the protagonist himself is the one who is in fact mad. It is, to a certain extent, evident from the beginning that something is not right or clear. Scorse se suggests that the narrator is unreliable without explicitly revealing where the perspective diverges from an objective view of events  [5]  ; thus, we can, on no occasion, really believe what we are being shown. In many films it is possible to distinguish between dream sequences, flashbacks and concrete reality.  [6]  Shutter Island has all of these components however it is hard to distinguish which section is which. The unreliability of the narrator in Shutter Island is hard to decipher as the narrator does not really give us a motive to suspect Teddy. The uncertain characteristics of the island and of the establishment are reinforced with the blustery weather, but also visually with repeated long shots. These shots emphasize the remoteness and eeriness of the area as well as the uncanny diegetic and non-diegetic choice of symphony music. Furthermore, figures like Dr Cawlez (Ben Kingsley), Dr Naehring (Max von Sydow) or the warden (Ted Levine), not to mention the patients themselves, make it even easier to align oneself with Teddys judgment that what is happening on Shutter Island is uncanny.  [7]  It is as the film develops that Teddys illusions turn out to be more powerful and make his reliability dither. For example, during his discussions with Noyce in the prison, Dolores interferes as a hallucination and enhances the unsettling of Teddy. Whats more, Richard Dyer and Douglas Pye are two theorists who indicate with respect to film noir the way in which dream, flashback and voice-over structure cast into doubt the status-as-truth of the eventers presented  [8]  . In Shutter Island, Teddy repeatedly has memories and recollections of Dachau, which he recounts to Dr Naehring. These flashbacks however also blend with his dreams and as result become more detached from the proceedings happening in real life. This is an exemplar for the cooperation amongst the narrators partiality, recollection and trustworthiness, which we reexamine after the recognition of Teddys psychological condition. This unreliability persists all throughout the film and even at the end we are still unclear as to what is real. Furthermore, Shutter Island is made within the film noir genre. A key characteristic in film noir is that there will permanently be some form of a mystery. Shutter Island would be considered a neo-noir film due to the fact that it does relate or draw upon the notion, the image and the putative conventions of film noir, and, directly or indirectly, on some of the film featuring centrally within most version of the basic noir canon.  [9]  It has been affirmed that an element of the film noir genre is that the characters the story is centered on are mentally and emotionally vulnerable  [10]  and occasionally they are, or envision themselves, to be physically helpless too. Leonardo Di Caprio is the protagonist in Shutter Island; he has been through a distressing incident where his wife and children have died. He is plagued by images of his dead family and haunted by the fact he was unable to stop it; as a result, he is on a mission to find and murder his wifes murder. However, he is hampered by himself through his mental condition of suppression and deterioration which is the primary narrative impediment for the audience. A quote by Leonardo from the film Memento that sums this idea up: Memories can be distorted. Theyre just an interpretation, theyre not a record, and theyre irrelevant if you have the facts.  [11]   As a final point, when watching a film, we need to be conscious that nonentity may appear as it seems and that even the camera may be lying to us. Seymour Chatman once asserted that visuals are no more sacrosanct than words and that the camera can even conspire with an unreliable narrator  [12]  . In the genre film noir, this method of narrative disruption is very common, for example in the movie The Lady from Shanghai (Orson Welles), the cameras focal point is on the main character who is correspondingly the unreliable narrator, which is confessed by mistake in the introductory narrative. In Shutter Island red herrings can be discovered, however they are quite simply disregarded, which operates to subvert the narrative. Shutter Island supports this idea of not being able to trust the camera: one example is seen when Teddy fires his gun at Cawley where his blood is dashed all over the white board. However, shortly after the image we are presented with a shot that makes it appear as if nothing has occurred, that the gun is fake and the Cawley is still positioned in the same place and very much alive. It is clear in this sequence that the narrative discourse here is built for shock effect  [13]  ; however it also clearly demonstrates to the audience that Teddy and the camera are scheming with each other and that the camera is in actual fact Teddys coconspirator. In conclusion, it can be debated that Shutter Islands story occurs on six distinct planes which are the actual reality, the narrated reality, the perceived reality, the flashbacks, the dreams and finally the hallucinations  [14]  . It is difficult to differentiate each one throughout the film due to the fact that they all blend together which is what makes it confusing and difficult for the audience to extricate reality and the truth from the rest. As a result, the audience, between the unreliable narrator and the unreliable camera work, are left with unclear knowledge of what is really happening. Shutter Island strongly follows the film noir genre characteristics by leaving the revelation of what is real until the end, however, Shutter Island is slightly different to many common film noir films due to the fact that even the ending is slightly unclear, while it is generally supposed that the film will end with Teddys lobotomy as he is taken away by the orderlies in the final imag e of the film  [15]  . Due to the fact that even the ending is ambiguous, it is clear that Shutter Island has a very unreliable narrator which makes it difficult for the viewer to distinguish reality from the rest.

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The structure of the play Blood Brothers

At the start of the play , w see the end of the play , a flash back, although at this point we do not know its the end , all we see is 2 men dead on the floor and a very mysterious and creepy music can be heard , leaving the audience wondering what is going on. Then we learn of what is going on as the narrator recites a passage that we here a few times in the play â€Å"As like each other as two new pins, of one womb born on the self same day, how one was kept and one given away? An did you never hear how the Johnston's died, never knowing that they shared one name till the day they died, when a mother cried, my own dear sons lie slain† this passage tells the audience what's happening and gives away the plot, but it doesn't ruin it for the audience as there is still information they do not know for example, how did they die? Why did they not know they were brothers? And lots more questions, causing them to be more indulged in the play. Complication The complication in the play is when Mrs. Johnstone is forced to give up one of her sons to Mrs. Lyons to avoid losing them both to social services or going into so much debt that she just couldn't look after them. If this part of the play didn't happen, there really would be no play as it would mean Eddie and Mickey wouldn't have to meet and they would never become blood brothers, Eddie wouldn't go to university because he wouldn't of been able to afford it and Eddie wouldn't of had the good job and been able to give Linda money later on in the play and give Mickey a job. Rising action Other small complications in the play that are added in to make it more interesting and add more action are important to the play also. The love triangle between Mickey, Eddie and Linda, without this part of the play Linda wouldn't have cheated on Mickey causing Mickey to get jealous and seek out Eddie to kill him at the end of the play. But another complication which was vital and the reason that Linda cheated was Sammie shooting the man and Mickey going to prison for it , if this didn't happen Mickey wouldn't of got depressed had to take his Tablets , he wouldn't of slowly pushed Linda away, and as I said , Linda wouldn't have cheated. Climax The climax of the play is obviously the end sequence which starts with Mrs Lyons who at this point in the play has become a paranoid wreck showing/telling Mickey that Edward and Linda are together, This is a catalyst for the ending everything in the play after this point speeds up (the music, the speech the movement) Mickey is outraged by what he now knows about his wife and Ex best friend so he runs home finds the gun that Sammie used to shoot the man earlier in the play and goes in search of Eddie , during this he the female characters realise what's about to happen and emotions hit there peaks â€Å"he's †¦. Mickey†¦. Mickey's got a gun† (Mrs. J) (p97) the tension and speed increases more and more as we get closer to the end. Shouting and screaming increases the tension, Mickey reminds the audience of what has happened throughout the play â€Å"FREINDS! I could kill you. We were Friends weren't we? Blood brothers, wasn't it? Remember?† then it finally hits the peak when Mrs Johnstone tells them there brothers and they both are shot, Mickey by the police officer then Edward by Mickey. Solution The solution, although sad is the two twins dying, if it wasn't for them not knowing they were twins the play would never have been, but nothing could be peaceful and right until the problem made at the start which was them, was taken away. The secrets and lies had to come clean for the play to be ended and that meant Mrs Johnstone had to learn from her mistakes, she had to be punished for her mistakes and the superstition which pays such a key part in this play had to come true. Finally we end the Play how it started with the mysterious Narrator repeating the passage said at the start â€Å"Did you ever here the story of the johnstone twins , As like each other as two new pins, of one womb born on the self same day, how one was kept and one given away? An did you never hear how the Johnston's died, never knowing that they shared one name till the day they died, when a mother cried, my own dear sons lie slain†. The narrator The narrator in the play plays a very important character in the play, like most narrators he tell the story, but this narrator is slightly more mysterious and complicated than most. He is a ghost like figure; He seems to always be there, but is never seen by the characters, he is truly like a ghost , in some parts of the play he touches the characters they turn round to see who it was but they seem to see nothing although the audience see him there. I have said that the narrator plays a ghost like figure other interpretations of him would be an evil spirit or the devil, I wouldn't Say he was ever like a guardian angel though because all his references are to bad things in the play, he is never really around when happy and comical parts of the play E.G when there children are playing guns but is ever present when tension and anger is involved in the scene , also his song â€Å"The devils got your number† suggests he may be the devil or an evil spirit in connection with the devil. The narrator also continuously refers back to superstition reminding the audience of a very key factor in the play. His lines are never blunt and straight to the point either, they usually are in riddles to make the audience think. Themes The themes in Blood brothers are constantly referred to and gone back to throughout the play, usually reminded to the audience by the narrator but also quite obvious in the play. The first is fate this is mainly shown through the flash back, we see what the ending is like and we are also told by the narrator so throughout the play we know its going to end up like the start. The second and proberly most important theme is superstition â€Å"new shoes on the table, take them off† this theme is a main factor of fear in the play , Mrs johnstone is forever scared to let Mickey and Eddie play and be friends as she is scared if they find out they are brothers they will both die , like Mrs. Lyons said. The final theme is love, love pays a key part and links with superstition Mrs Johnstone loves both her sons and doesn't want them to die , But due to the love triangle between Linda , Eddie and Mickey she has to tell them showing how destructive love really is. The love of different class's is also shown in the play, we see Mrs Lyons and upper class citizen being very over protective of Eddie because she loves him so much she doesn't want him getting hurt in comparison to Mrs johnstone who would rather show her love by letting Mickey enjoy himself and have fun. Dancing Dancing is referred to a lot in the play especially in a lot of the songs, were Mrs. Johnstone refers to a lover taking her dancing or not taking her dancing. Again dancing is compared in the two social classes in the play Mrs Lyons teaches Edward to dance in a very traditional way E.g. a Waltz, were as Mickey Dances to a disco music and Rocky music reflecting on the character as Edward dances a more mature and educated dance and Mickey dances a more playful Un educated dance which doesn't have much structure. Dreams and ambitions Every Character in the play has there own dreams and ambitions again these are Very different over the two social classes. To start though Mrs Lyons has the dream of having a child, so when Mrs. Johnstone comes to her with twins that she doesn't think she can look after Mrs Lyons jumps at the opportunity. In Mrs. Johnstone case she dreams of getting a new husband, moving house, Getting money, she also gets all the things she wants†¦ but these things seem to all cause problems later on in the play , for example Mrs Lyons gets her Child but ends turning into a paranoid wreck because she feels the burden of the secret of adopting Mrs J's baby illegally is always upon her. In Mrs Johnston's case moving house and getting a new man is really ruined as they move to were The Lyons family have escaped to and Mickey and Eddie grow up together, if this wouldn't of happened they proberly would of forgotten each other preventing both there deaths. Both Mickey and Eddies dreams and ambitions also cause destruction there dreams to be like the other seems to cause jealousy which eventually causes Mickey to shoot Eddie, Eddie's dreams of university separates the 3 friends leaving Mickey to fend for himself and make the wrong choices. So to sum up every ones dreams and ambitions seem to come true in the play but they all seem to backfire on the characters. Toy guns Toy guns is an issue covered in the play which causes many problems, when the characters are kids they play with toy guns as said in the song they can get up after a count to ten , they cant die when they play with toy guns they don't understand the dangers of guns , this lack of understanding is carried out into there adulthood and it results in Mickey being put in prison when Sammie pulls the trigger and shoots someone , but still Mickey does not learn his lesson, in the final scene when Mickey holds the gun to Eddie I don't think he means to shoot him , I think he is using it to scare Edward and due to his naivety when he shoots Eddie he kills him , he kills his own brother and best friend. He has never grown up, he is still a kid inside, but the weapon he holds has.

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Broomfield and Childs Essay

When the DVD has finished, I will hand round a script of what they have just watched (Appendix.2). We will read the scene taking turns, rather than giving specific parts to individual children. This allows children to feel involved and reduces pressure on those who are less confident to read. When we have read the script, I will explain that in the next lesson we will be using the text to act out the scene in small groups. Lesson two will begin by dividing the children into groups of 4. My Learning Objective for this lesson will be to perform a scene from a given script using emotion and feeling. The children will be given the responsibility to decide who takes on each role and how the scene will be set. When the children have rehearsed their scene they will share their work with the other groups. Through watching individual interpretations of the scene I will be able to assess the level of expression used both facially and in movement and offer constructive praise and potential areas for development. At this point I will seat the children in a circle and discuss that the film ‘Titanic’ is just one version of the events aboard the ship. I will talk to the children about my Great, Great Uncle who was a steward on board the Titanic and did not survive. I will then read the children a Survivor’s Story and explain that although a lot of people did drown when the ship sank, many escaped on lifeboats. Giving the children a balanced view of the facts will allow them to make informed decisions later in the lesson. The children will then be encouraged to write short scripts for a  final scene of the story. They need to choose a genre for their script based on their learning. The ending could take one of the following forms; tragedy, fantasy, romance, or it may have a happy ending. In groups they are to write a script that they will perform to the class in the next lesson. Through planning for a final performance, children are set a specific deadline which may concentrate their minds and keep their attention. They will have access to the props in the classroom and will be able to bring in things from home if required. Giving the children the freedom to create their own scene will allow them to think independently and apply what they have learned from the topic. Promoting creativity is a powerful way of engaging pupils with their learning. (The Report on Excellence and Enjoyment, 2003) It is essential that I monitor the groups throughout the script writing process and offer guidance where necessary. Some children may need encouragement to offer ideas and reluctant writers may need the help of a scribe. By Lesson three all groups will be finishing their scripts and rehearsing their scene. My learning objective for this lesson will be for the children to analyse the characters portrayed by their peers in a professional manner and offer feedback on the performances given. When the children are ready they will perform their scene to the rest of the class. This will be the finale to our topic of the Titanic and will incorporate additional props such as life jackets, fake blood and background music. When each group has performed the children will be encouraged to discuss how effective the scenes were and which parts were; sad, funny, emotional or thought provoking. Peter (2003:23) states, Drama provokes emotional responses in children that are real, and the chance also to learn about their feelings, responses and the consequences of their reactions to situations that are realistic.  Ã‚  This part of the lesson gives me the opportunity to evaluate to what extent my learning objectives have been achieved and how well the children have grasped the topic. It is important that learning objectives are achievable and can be adapted to suit every child. In this continuation of three lessons my learning objectives have covered areas of character, scriptwriting and peer assessment. Each child will have met these objectives in different ways, but the very nature of drama allows for this flexibility. A good teacher will recognise that there will be differences in ability levels within the class and set work accordingly. All feedback should be positive and productive and be of use to the class as a whole. I will assess how the children give and receive feedback and ensure all comments are constructive. McCrae (2003:32) agrees,  It is essential that the teacher does not compare one group with another, but highlights positives of each piece independently; praise in order to encourage self expression and self evaluation.

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The Goals of Sentencing in the Criminal Justice System

The Goals of Sentencing in the Criminal Justice System By: Brian Ouellette Criminal Justice CCJ 1020 Mr. Leonardo Cadogan Abstract In the United States there is no standard when it comes to punishment and sentencing. This area of the criminal justice system is in a constant state of change. Sentencing practices and goals are always being closely examined. From getting tough on crime to more rehabilitative approaches, the views and goals of sentencing are always being corrected. Since time began, there was crime and with crime came the need to punish criminals. How criminals were punished and the methods behind the punishment changed throughout the times. Standards of†¦show more content†¦Those who give little credit to incapacitation could claim this to be mere coincidence, while those who support it say the crime reducing effect of incapacitation takes time. Rehabilitation assumes criminal behavior can be improved with non-punitive methods. Rehabilitation, although non-punitive, usually occurs along side punishment. For instance an incarcerated person may be given many rehabilitative options. Mental health programming, substance abuse counseling and even education programming exist in modern day correctional facilities. A judge may sentence someone to attend rehabilitative programming as a part of probation or it may be included as a stipulation in a plea agreement. At the core of rehabilitation is the thought that a criminal is flawed, often thro ugh no fault of their own. Poverty, mental health issues, or childhood trauma may all contribute to a criminal life and rehabilitation attempts to aid in a sort of recovery. If a person is cured of their issues, perhaps they will not fall back into their previous pattern. (Siegel Senna, 2005). Similar to rehabilitation is the idea of restoration. While rehabilitation is through non-punitive means, restoration is the idea that punishment helps to promote a moral sense. This theory believes the shame associated with punishment may cause a criminal to see the error of their ways. A veryShow MoreRelatedEssay on Victim and Crime Evulation1159 Words   |  5 PagesMay 5, 2014 Joeseph Caulfield The Criminal Justice system today is our scale of judgment. It plays a major part in how we live and how we continue to live among all the dangers, evil and corruption that surrounds us. Without it there wouldn`t be the fine line of right and wrong, there wouldn`t be justice. Those that are considered victims in our criminal justice would turn and become the aggressors and the criminals if we didn`t have a Legal System, and we would live in a world of chaos. ManyRead MoreThe Sentencing Policy And The Criminal Justice System1065 Words   |  5 PagesThere are many current criminal justice policies and laws that demonstrate how the policy has been informed by the theories that have been covered this semester. Many connections are not explicit but offer great detail in offering information based on the given topics. The current criminal justice policy that I’ve chosen was the sentencing policy. The sentencing policy was put together to reach every type of case that could po ssibly be seen in the criminal justice system. Here we will further discussRead MoreCriminal Punishment And The Criminal Justice System1193 Words   |  5 Pagesthe criminal justice system apply as much influence over the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of criminal offenders as the final sentencing decision. Judges have an extensive range of sentencing options. These options range from fines, restitution, and probation to incarceration in jail or prison. For much of the 20th century, criminal sentencing practices remained largely unchanged in the United States. Over the past few decades, we have witnessed a practical revolution in criminal punishmentRead MoreEssay on Criminal Justice: The Goals of Sentencing721 Words   |  3 PagesSentencing is the imposition of a criminal sanction by a sentencing authority , such as a judge. Schmallger Smykla, 2009, pg# 71) There are seven goals of sentencing including revenge, retribution, just deserts, deterrence, incapacitation, rehabilitation and restoration. Revenge refers to a retaliation to some kind of assault and injury. Revenge can be a type of punishment for the criminal justice system. The jury, sometimes, basis there choices on emotions, facts and evidence. It is consideredRead MoreJails and Prisons Comparison Essay1064 Words   |  5 Pagescharacteristics but are completely different models in which they serve in the criminal justice system. Some of the types of crimes that America faces today are: violent crimes, property, white collar or organized crime, and public order crimes (Worrall, 2008). The criminal justice system sets the regulations and policies of how an offender will be held accountable for their inappropriate actions. The criminal justice system is a process that takes time and money from society. The following informationRead MoreThe Law Of A Uniform Sentencing Guidelines1126 Words   |  5 Pagesoffenders. In India, a uniform sentencing policy does not exist, as neither the l egislature nor the judiciary has supplied any formal guidelines. However, the need for the same has been repeatedly recognized by both. For instance, the Committee on Reforms of Criminal Justice System (Malimath Committee) published its report in March 2003, stating the need for uniform sentencing guidelines: The Committee recommends that a statutory Committee be constituted to lay down sentencing guidelines to regulate theRead MoreThe philosophy of probation has changed over the past several years. Originally, probation1100 Words   |  5 Pageslegal system. This ideology aligned with the indeterminate sentencing structure that acknowledged individualization of the offender. However, today probation officers have been coined â€Å"the guardian of the guidelines† (Bunzel, 1995, para 2). Under this new philosophy, probation is a facilitator of the net-widening scheme that addresses governments’ main concerns of correctional facility overcrowding and high expenditures. The offender and the utilitarian motive fall second to the goals of netRead MoreThe Five Goals Of Contemporary Criminal Sentencing933 Words   |  4 Pages When it comes to the criminal trial process, the last step those who are found guilty face before they are incarcerated is receiving their sentencing. There is more to a judge handing down a sentence than just giving the convicted person a time limit for how long he has to stay in incarcerated. When it comes to the different ranges of sentencing, there are five goals of contemporary criminal sentencing, the nature of structured sentencing must be understood and its positives explained, and determinateRead MoreTruth In Sentencing Policies and the Effects on Courts and Prisons1563 Words   |  7 PagesSociety has high expectations for criminal justice. Controlling the behavior of people is a difficult task, and there are several differing opinions on how this should happen. Many believe this can best accomplished by prevention through deterrence. Deterrence can be achieved from increased police patrols, good relationships with the community, and through tough penalties for convicted criminals. When deterrence fails, criminals need to be identified and held accountable for their actions. LawRead MoreThe Limits Of The Criminal S anction Written By The Criminologist Scholar Herbert Packer Essay1619 Words   |  7 Pages The criminal justice system is finding ways and doing their absolute best to prevent crime and protect their citizens. Preventing crime is not an easy job, the system prevents crime by using their powers to arrest, prosecute, and sentences criminals to prison. Citizens need to feel safe in their environment that they are living in. However, since we are living in a constitutional and democratic society, where citizen rights need to be protected and have due process where people can be innocent

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Business Essay - 2447 Words

Nahas 1 Business Ownership nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Finding a consistent well paying job has been getting harder and harder in recent years. A number of new and great business opportunities are available to the public. These opportunities only cash in if you run a well oiled business plan. Anything from wholesaling vehicles to owning your own pizza parlor are great starts in business. Although, owning and operating a business is a great burden on a person, it can turn out to be very profitable. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;While trying to choose a business to start up there are many different factors to think about. An easier choice is to buy an existing business. It starts up as being a lot cheaper to start than your own business†¦show more content†¦Some people assume that all good businesses are good for all buyers. Your skills, goals, values, and ambitions will all play a role in determining the best business for you. 3.nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; DON’T assume that starting a business is easy! Assume you will have to work longer and harder than others in the same business just to make it work. If you’re not willing to do that, walk away. 4.nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; DON’T try to go it alone. Use Experts. Lack of experience is often cited as one of the two biggest killers of start up businesses. Certainly your franchisor will Nahas 2 help you by sharing their experience with you, but use the experience of other experts, too. 5.nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; DON’T forget about a business plan Before you plunge into a business, in addition to investigating the franchise you are buying, also study both the local market in which you’ll operating and the industry that you are contemplating joining. 6.nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; DON’T pick a business because â€Å"there are so many of them, they must be good.† When buying a business, feeling safe is a strong and undeniable urge. When you look at an already popular franchise, your safety level instinctively is high. You can see how easy it appears to operate, and you know that your skills could easily accomplish the necessary tasks. Right? Not necessarily! 7.nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;DON’T skip talkingShow MoreRelatedBusiness Analysis : Business And Business2361 Words   |  10 PagesEach business has products or services they want to sell to consumers, whether this is the man on the street or a multi-nation organisation, the difference in which person they targets will depend on what the product or service the organisation is offering Business to Business Business to business markets is, for example where to company engage in a transaction of a product or service, this could be a waste management company removing waste from a warehouse that produce a vast amount of waste. AnotherRead MoreBusiness Plan For A Business840 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Business plans are statement of a business goals, reason they are attainable and plans on meeting it’ (FoxBuisness, 2013). A business plan maps the course and gives a detail plan on how these goals are achievable. It is also important to establish a solid business plan for funding. Some small business use venture capital, bank loans, personal funds, and private investors as sources of funding. The business plan must therefore, sell investors. A well-written convincing business plan can buy investorsRead MoreBusiness Functions Of A Business988 Words   |  4 PagesIdentify the business functions MWS will need in order to operate effectively. MWS needs a variety of business functions in order to operate effectively. Identifying the business functions for any organization serves as a starting point in developing its mission statement. As the business of the company is over the internet, therefore, It needs to determine that how the internet will further the information and efforts for communication of the company and with whom the information will be sharedRead MoreDesigning A Business Strategy For Business946 Words   |  4 Pagesas purchase-order systems, gaining multiple approvals for business buys, authorizing multiple account users and developing long-term relationships and business partnerships. Many B2B companies are moving toward using their platforms as marketplaces for multiple vendors, manufacturers and B2B sales companies. Offering house credit is a good first step for positioning a B2B company at the top of the chain for this forward-thinking business strategy. When companies share financial interests,. it sR ead MoreBusiness-to-business and B2b E-marketplace814 Words   |  4 Pageslong-term relationship with just one supplier. Relationships among businesses in B2B are very important. These relationships, characterized by trust and continuity, extend to the IT realm. In the B2B business model, you must provide a level of integration of your IT systems with those of your business partners. The advantages to Volkswagen of developing and using its own proprietary B2B e-marketplace because they spend the money with suppliers, so that its can open and run their own B2B e-marketplaceRead MoreBusiness Plan For A Business1866 Words   |  8 Pages Business Plan Buiness model in theory and practice according to Wikipedia is used for a broad range of informal and forma l descriptions to represent the core aspects of a business, including the purposes of that business, its process, target customers, of ferings, strategies , infrastructure, organizational structures, trading practice, and operational processes and policies . Below, we would look at two kinds of business model (franchise and tradition al business) , their pros and cons, o r theirRead MoreBusiness Activities At The Business Premises1346 Words   |  6 PagesA. Seller has conducted its business activities at the Business Premises under the name of the Business. To the best of Seller’s knowledge and information, no other person or entity has conducted the same or similar Business at the Business premises, and no other person or entity has any interest in or right to use any of the Assets not previously revealed to Purchaser. B. No person, other than third-party trade creditors, has provided Seller with any inventory, equipment, fixtures, or financingRead MoreAre Profits The Only Business Of Business?1523 Words   |  7 PagesAre profits the only Business of Business? What is the corporation’s social responsibility? Many might say the main idea is that a corporation must go further than carrying out their basic function of purely making profits. A corporation must create wealth in ways that avoid under minding society, and instead enrich the society it operates in. The term â€Å"corporate social responsibility† has been deï ¬ ned in numerous ways; from the constricted economic perception of increasing stockholder wealth (FriedmanRead MoreBusiness614 Words   |  3 PagesThe Analysis of Leadership Case Problem A – The Global Insurance Tag Team Identify the teamwork problems that Calvin might be facing Calvin is the director of disaster insurance at a global insurance company and he has his own large department which located in New York. He is also the team leader of ten different representatives around the world. Each team member is responsible for encouraging the sales representatives in offices around the globe to sell disaster insurance. (Dubrin, 2010). Read MoreBusiness3599 Words   |  15 Pagesa selected business, suggesting potential improvements 7 4.1 Delivering customer service in a business 8 4.2 Review own performance in the delivery of customer service and recommendations for improvements 9 Conclusion 9 References 10 Introduction The objective of a business is to make profit and maximize its wealth and to ensure the customer satisfaction with which the business operates its activities. Customer satisfaction is a very important factor for surviving in the business world. Proper